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Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google. Users may access Gmail as secure webmail,as well as via POP3 or IMAP4 protocols
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15 Practicals

2 Certificates

19 Video

Easy, Moderate, Advance MCQ

  • Composing First E-mail
  • Adding Contacts
  • Importing Contacts
  • Format Option and Attachments
  • Reply to an E-mail
  • Other Options on E-mail
  • Exploring Draft, Spam & Trash
  • Use of Quick Access Bar
  • Search & Advanced Search
  • Using Categories
  • Exploring Settings
  • How to set Signature
  • Creating a New Gmail Account
  • Importing Mail from other Account
  • Printing Email
  • Use of Folder
  • Label & Filters
  • Interface of Gmail
  • Using Tasks

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