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HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language HTML documents are described by HTML tags Each HTML tag describes different document content
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Easy, Moderate, Advance MCQ

  • Starting With Tags
  • Understanding Elements
  • The Empty Elements
  • Applying Attributes
  • Applying Text Colors
  • Applying The Background
  • How To Create Links
  • Stylize The Links
  • Stylize The Lists
  • How To Make List
  • Styling The List With Image Bullets
  • Understanding Id And Class
  • Starting With Borders
  • Applying Borders On Different Sides
  • Applying Borders On Table
  • Understanding Margins
  • Applying Padding On Elements
  • What Is CSS
  • CSS Property And Priority
  • Text Properties
  • Font Properties Part 2
  • Font Properties
  • Inserting The Image
  • Float The Images
  • What Is Web Designing
  • How To Write HTML
  • What HTML Is
  • Creating Tables
  • Spanning The Table Rows And Columns
  • Difference Between Block & Inline
  • Div & Span Elements
  • Changing The Display
  • Displaying Web Page Within Web Page
  • Changing The Positions Of Element

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