Our Mission

Transforming India Digitally

What Is WhizJuniors

WhizJuniors is an Online Technology Learning Platform for Students (std. 1st to 12th) and Teachers. Also, an Annual Tech Competition for children to showcase their Tech Skills.

How It Works

A Platform for students to learn and practice latest technology courses which enhances innovative and productive screen time. WhizJuniors provides an opportunity to enhance the entrepreneurial and learning skills of young minds with fun. They will learn quickly and easily the latest Tech Courses through Online Videos and solve challenges to get certified!

Student Learning

Students will Learn to be safe online & be able to create

  • Effective presentations
  • Analyze and Manage Data Effectively
  • Work collaboratively
  • Graphic Designing
  • Websites
  • Games
  • Mobile Apps

Teachers Learning

Teachers get to gain knowledge and develop necessary technology skills for 21st Century

Schools Empowering the Country Digitally

Schools are joining hands to digitize India by nourishing young minds & empowering their teachers with necessary 21st Century Tech Skills. Our Free & Popular Technology Tutorials are enhancing innovativeness and productiveness of the students & teachers!

Annual Competition

This involves appropriate courses developed by experts understand the requirements which are upgraded regularly. Members increase their Presentation, Administrative, Website Development, App Development, Game Development, Cyber Security and many more skills.

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Courses by Industry experts

Age Appropriate courses developed by experts who understand the requirements that are upgraded regularly.

Gamified Learning

As children learn & practice they keep crossing millstones & keep earning virtual gold coins. This resultant learning without them realizing how much they have absorbed is what makes us a complete game-changer. Instead of being addicted to games, children are getting hooked onto learning without making it feel tedious! Weekly, Monthly and Annual Online Competitions helps children stay ahead of their peer Nationally at their own convenience.

Practicals & Projects

Practicals & projects help them practice & evaluate their skill in every course. Project based learning helps students & teachers actively explore real-world problems & challenges & acquire a deeper knowledge.

Flipped Classroom

Students watch online lectures, collaborate in discussions, or carry out research at home and engage in concepts in the classroom with the guidance of a mentor.

Meet our Team

  • Vidushi Daga CEO “Won the prestigious ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2013 & ‘Concept of the Year Award’ 2013 for South East Asia. Also named as ‘Go Getter Woman’ by H. R. College & ‘Queen of Arbitrage’ in Bombay Stock Market ”
  • Sudarshan Daga COO “To me, gamification in technology is finding the way to invent the easiest yet most effective behaviours in which people can be empowered with Technology.”