Learn to Make your Own Game

Workshop Validity : 90
Whizjuniors Validity : 30
Courses : Unity 3d , C Sharp

Course Overview

  • The online Android app development training is a 4 Modules training program. As part of the training, you will learn how to create an android app by making application like ZOMATO, UBER , SWIGGY etc. You will learn HTML , CSS , C++ like everything from Beginner to expert. This app will work seamlessly across different Android devices.


100 Hours


59 Online





Workshop Syllabus

  • Overview of Game Development Life
  • Introduction to Game and Assets req
  • Introduction to Course and Unity
  • Start with unity scripting
  • Download and install Unity
  • Move objects like Dart & Board
  • Open new project in Unity
  • Implementation of Colliders
  • Introduction to Unity engine
  • Instantiate the Dart
  • Configure and introduction to MonoD
  • Implementation of user control
  • Fundamental of Unity Scripting Eng
  • Destroy game object and create text
  • Handel Game score
  • Avoid Extra Dart on Screen
  • Add background to the scene
  • Call scripts From Buttons
  • Create win, lose condition & manage
  • Completing the game
  • Introduction to Game & Assets requi
  • Add background music & setup Game
  • Learn about Collision & Trigger fun
  • Make Ball bounce & move the paddle
  • Launch the ball with mouse click
  • Add invisible collider & prefab gam
  • Destroy bricks & create winning sit
  • Destroy Duplicate Music Player & de
  • Use Audiosource & Audioscource.Play
  • Completing the Game, Design your Ow
  • Make .exe file of game
  • Change game resolution according to
  • Configure and create Android ".APK"
  • Introduction to C# and .Net
  • Applications of C# and .Net
  • Console Vs Windows Vs Web app
  • How to install IDE Visual studio
  • How to create & open a project
  • Create a first console application
  • Debug & create Executable file
  • Datatypes in c# and conversions
  • Operators in c#
  • Conditional statements in C#
  • Examples of conditional statements.
  • Looping statements in C#
  • Examples of looping statements
  • Array and Examples of array
  • Array List in C# and example
  • Foreach statement in C#
  • Operations on String
  • Introduction to Class and object.
  • Example of Class and object.
  • Introduction to the Console
  • How to read inputs from console
  • How to create a class in console
  • Data operation in console
  • View all data operation in console
  • How to remove data operation
  • Build and Test the Console project